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Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – AOPA Australia exists as a unified voice for pilots and aircraft owners

CASA – This is the regulator of aviation in Australia.

Recreational Aviation Administration Organisations

Recreational Aviation Australia – Click here if you want to fly Recreational Aircraft.

Hang Glider Federation of Australia – Click here if your interested in flying Hang Gliders or Ultralights

Australian Ballooning Federation – Click here if your interested in flying Hot Air Balloons

Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association – Click here if your interested in flying Gyrocopters

Gliding Australia – Click here if your interested in flying Gliders


Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast – Australian based podcast.

Airplane Geeks Podcast – US based panel of Pilots discussing aviation topics

Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast – US based panel of Pilots discussing aviation topics focusing on general aviation.

Xtended Podcast – UK based podcast.

Plane Talking UK Podcast – UK based podcast about commercial aviation from a passengers point of view.

Plane Safety Podcast – An airline pilot discusses various safety topics in detail.

Airplane Owners Podcast – Everything you need to know about buying and owning airplanes.

Theory Books and Resources

Exam Practice Website

Aviation Theory Centre – For books and other resources.

Online Aviation Theory – You can take theory courses online.

Bob Taits Aviation Theory School – This is a great resources recommended by a lot of pilots.

John Brandon’s ‘Fly Safe’ Tutorials – Flying related tutorials focused on recreational aviation.


More Right Rudder – This a great blog from a student pilots perspective. It follows a student from starting out in ra to gaining his PPL.

Disciples of Flight – One of the best sites for General Aviation Articles.

Air Facts Journal – the journal for personal air travel, by pilots for pilots.

Bold Method – Flight Training Website.

AOPA Flight Training – A great resource on Flight Training.

Airplanista – Dan Pimentals Blog.