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Go Flying Australia Podcast 040 – The rookie squadron who fought for Australia – 75 Squadron RAAF

I talk with Michael Veitch who is the author of the book 44 days: 75 Squadron and the fight for Australia.   Michaels book is a tribute to the men of 75 Squadron RAAF who…

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The new Go Flying Australia podcast focuses on General and Recreational stories within Australia.

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Published Episodes (click below):

Episode 001 – Flight Training Experiences with Adam Yavner (Private Pilot)

Episode 002 – Circuit Training and Procedures

Episode 003 – Kit Building Tips

Episode 004 – Australian Lightwing designer – Howard Hughes

Episode 005 – Interview with Peter Counsell – Trike (Microlight) Pilot and owner of TrikeMag

Episode 006 – Interview with UK Student Pilot and Host of the Plane Talking UK Podcast

Episode 007 – Matt Hall – Interview with former RAAF Fighter Pilot And Red Bull Air Race Competitor

Episode 008 – Airline Pilot and Author Owen Zupp

Episode 009 – New Zealand Pilot Rick Watson – Crosswinds, Tecnams and crazy flying weather

Episode 010 – Aerobatic Champion and Red Baron Flight Training Owner Joel Haski

Episode 011 – WW1 Replica Aircraft Owner and Author of the Diary of Jack Flyer

Episode 012 – Balloonatic & Plane Crazy Down Under Host Grant McHerron

Episode 013 – RAAF Squadron Leader John Laming AFC – P51 Mustang, Lincoln and VIP Squadron Pilot

Episode 014 -Avocet Aircraft Designer and Builder Mike Sharples

Episode 015 – Aircraft Ownership, IFR Flying and OzRunways App

Episode 016 – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Max Flight

Episode 017 – Flying with Air Nauru

Episode 018 – Flying Autogyros across Australia

Episode 019 – Flying the Knife Edge – General Aviation in PNG

Episode 020 – Flight Training takes off at Soar Aviation

Episode 021 – David Jardine (Lifelong GA Pilot) & Ryan Campbell (Teen World Flight)

Episode 022 – Ditching a DC-3 on Botany Bay with Rod Lovell

Episode 023 – Warbirds Downunder 2015 preview

Episode 024 – New VSTOL A32 Vixxen LSA from Aeroprakt

Episode 025 – Aussie Bush Pilot conquers the High Sierra in Nevada

Episode 026 – Military and Rescue Helicopter Aircrewman Clay Marks

Episode 027 – Experimental Aircraft Ownership with Mark Newton

Episode 028 – Matt Halls 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Episode 029 – Tecnam aircraft – its ‘Amore’ at first sight

Episode 030 – Wings around the World teen Pilot Lachlan Smart

Episode 031 – An American Recreational Aviation Instructor – Bill Weeks

Episode 032 – A man on a mission – Wings Out West Owner Dan Compton

Episode 033 – Game changing proposals for Recreational Aviation

Episode 034 – Air Traffic Control with Rob Mark – Ex USAF and FAA Controller

Episode 035 – Aircraft Charter and starting a Regional Airline with Airspeed Aviation

Episode 036 – Who’s the greatest Bush Pilot of all time and more with Tim Howes and Dan Compton

Episode 037 – From Private Pilot to Flying School Owner – Daniel Pearson

Episode 038 – Five things to consider before buying a plane

Episode 039 – A Light Aircraft you can fly around the world – Sling Aircraft

Please leave your comments within either the contact form below or the comments section below.  I am always on the lookout for new people to come on the show and discuss General and Recreational Aviation topics.

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