Go Flying Australia Podcast 040 – The rookie squadron who fought for Australia – 75 Squadron RAAF

I talk with Michael Veitch who is the author of the book 44 days: 75 Squadron and the fight for Australia.  

Michaels book is a tribute to the men of 75 Squadron RAAF who bravely defended Port Moresby using their P-40 Kittyhawk fighter aircraft for 44 long days in early 1942.  

Time and time again these men who had little training and who lived in atrocious conditions were hurled into battle against a relentless and professional enemy.

The squadron was almost wiped out but by the time relief came but they had succeeded in taking the fight to a far superior enemy and had bought some hope to their fellow Australian troops stationed in Port Moresby.

Book Cover: 44 days – 75 Squadron and the Fight for Australia

The Author – Michael Veitch

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