Go Flying Australia Podcast 033 – Game changing proposals for Recreational Aviation

I talk with Michael Monck – Chairman of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAUS).  We talk about two game changing proposals from RAAUS who are looking to increase the Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) of aircraft that it administers and to enable its members to fly their aircraft in controlled airspace.  We also talk about the controversial restrictions which were placed on Jabiru powered aircraft and also about a couple of close calls which Michael has had in his time as a pilot.
I also speak with Michael Linke – CEO of RAAUS.  We talk about a number of things including relationship that RAAUS has with CASA, the organization’s financial woes and the big push on to improve safety for RAAUS members.

I really appreciate all the listeners on facebook who helped me draft the questions for todays episode.  It was a massive help and I could not have done it without you.



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