Go Flying Australia Podcast 032 – Man on a mission – Wings out West CFI Dan Compton (RAAF, RFDS and Bush Pilot)

I talk with Dan Compton, an ex RAAF and RFDS pilot who has recently started his own flight school called Wings Out West based at Dubbo.  At his flight school Dan has combined many passions into one.  Dan plys his trade as an instructor in bright yellow Legend Cub aircraft teaching his students not only the syllabus but also some bush flying along the way.  It is clear from talking with Dan that his biggest passion in life is helping young people and in this interview we hear how successful he has been in this respect.  I really hope you enjoy the interview and please stick around for the end as Dan provides some awesome information about the secrets of a good landing and tips for landing at an unfamiliar strip.

Information about American Legend Cub aircraft can be found here.

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Dan Compton

Dan Compton in front of a Piper Super Cub


Note Above: Legend Super Cub is at the top and the Legend Cub is bottom


A shot of the Legend Super Cub from Dan’s school


The Legend Cub in flight


View from the tail of one of Dan’s Legend Cubs

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