Go Flying Australia Podcast 025 – Aussie Bush Pilot conquers the High Sierra in Nevada

Summary: Interview with an Australian Bush pilot Tim Howes who has recently travelled to Nevada to attend the High Sierra Fly-inn.  This is a fly-inn where bush pilots get together to conquer back country strips which reach as high as 12,000 feet above MSL.  The aircraft used to get into these strips are nothing short of remarkable as they are often highly modified with huge bush wheels, improved landing gear, STOL kits and upgraded engines.

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A full gallery of Tim’s Pics from High Sierra 2015 is below

Tim’s video from the 2015 High Sierra Fly-inn

Backcountry Pilot 2014 High Sierra video


High Sierra Fly-inn

BackCountry Pilot website

  • Scott Crew

    Great podcast, now I want to land on a bush strip!!

  • Tim Howes

    You should mate! check out the Bush Flyers Down Under facebook group, the fellas will happily tell you some nice little starter strips and help you with all the skills you need.

  • Tim Howes

    for anyone interested, here is the link to the alaska cliff diving video I mentioned


    • Adam

      Love this video! A very brave pilot and a great airplane.

  • tripslip38

    Great show. Tim, you’re a sweet fella. Good looking too.