Go Flying Australia Podcast 001: Flying Training Experiences with Adam Yavner (Private Pilot)

Pic by Adam Yavner from a Piper Warrior: Looking Down towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Summary: On todays show we discuss flying training experiences with Adam Yavner who holds both a Private Pilots Licence and Recreational Pilots Certificate.

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In this episode:

I introduce myself (Adam Knight) as the host of the brand new ‘Go Flying Australia Podcast’.  I am a student pilot working towards a recreational pilots certificate.  I have been flying a Jabiru J-120 and have completed around 12 hours of training and will soon be going SOLO!

Interview with Adam Yavner (Private Pilot – Based at Bankstown (Class D) in Sydney):

Starting out in Aviation

Adam K – How Adam got interested in Aviation?

Adam Y – Served in the United States Air Force and worked in and around aircraft but did not fly at the time until recently when a colleague took him flying in a light aircraft for the first time.  After that flight Adam had the feeling that he ‘had to do this!’.

Adam Y – Discusses how getting things done quickly in aviation quickly can be difficult due to a number of things including weather, work, family and other commitments.

Adam K – What was your the First Lesson like?

Adam Y – Started at Sydney Jabiru Flying School at Bankstown airport, his first two lessons were rained out so he ended up studying instead and completing his pre solo exam and radio exam before his first flight.  There was some challenges with changes to instructors at the school throughout his training and he ended up being trained by the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) who took him through the rest of his training.  The biggest challenge as a student is to be aware of the syllabus and to know what stage you are at to ensure you are making progress and working toward gaining the required skills.  Adam stressed that it’s not about ticking boxes but important to be making progress to stay focused.

Adam Y mentioned that the Recreational Flying forum is a great resource for pilots going through training.  Adam suggested you chat with other pilots at your school or club to ‘keep your head in the game’.

We joke about how passionate pilots are and their need to talk about aviation all the time!

First Solo

Adam K – How did you build up to your first Solo?

Adam Y – Involves a lot of mental preparation as much as it the motor skills.  Mentioned that its helpful to rely on instructor who knows when you are ready better than you.

Adam K – How was the day of the first solo flight?

Adam Y – At the time when Adam was learning to fly there was no way for recreational aircraft to go solo at Bankstown (Class D) , therefore he had to go Solo at Wollongong with Fly Illawarra at Albion Park Airport (Since then the Sydney Jabiru Flying School has gained a waiver from CASA to allow their students to do their solo at Bankstown.  Adam was required to conduct some lessons at Albion Park to become familiar with the airfield prior to the day of his first solo.  He also mentioned that because of the location of the aerodrome that there was some other weather factors to take into account.  On the day of his solo Adam did one circuit with the instructor as a sanity check before he got out and left him to go solo.  Adam mentioned that the performance of the aircraft improved without the instructor.  He noted that he was vocalising his thought process, his first landing was high and fast with a long float to account for the difference in weight.  He mentions that it was a big confidence builder.

Adam K – Did your training accelerate after your first solo?

Adam Y – Yes, it took longer to get to solo than from solo to finish his pilot certificate.

Adam K – What aircraft did you solo in?

Adam Y – Jabiru J-170 – Adam Y mentions that this aircraft keeps you busy with the stick and rudder.

Adam mentioned that he also started flying in the Tecnam P 96.  Adam Y mentions that the Jabiru helped him build stick and rudder skills.  He also mentions that his blog is called ‘more right rudder’ as he remembers this comment from instructors during his training.  Adam K mentions that every pilot has had ‘more right rudder’ told to them on takeoffs.

Other Challenges

Adam K – Any other challenges during your training?

Adam Y – Nothing out of the ordinary.  Biggest challenge is having other priorities during the training and scheduling lessons close together to avoid having to spend half a lesson getting ‘up to speed’.

Adam Y mentions that he learned something from each instructor.  He also mentions that different instructors have different preferences whig can result in an increase in hours of training.

Why Fixed Wing Flying?

Adam K – Concept of the podcast is to talk about General Aviation and Recreational Aviation.  Why did you get into fixed wing rather than other types of flying.

Adam y – I was originally looking into Powered Parachutes but was worried about the availability of flying in marginal weather and wanted the option to be able to travel longer distances.  He felt that fixed wing (recreational) was the similar skill set as general aviation but less hours.  Adam looked into Rotary Wing but found the rates to be expensive.   Adam said that its great to have choices i.e.: take one friend in a Jabiru or several friends in a GA aircraft on a longer journey.

Pilots Certificate versus Private Pilots License?

Adam K – What can you do with a Recreational Pilots Certificate?

Adam Y has a great explanation, please see the RA AUS website for details.

Adam K – What can you do with the Private Pilots License?

Adam Y – has a great explanation, please see the CASA website for further details

Adam K – difference in hiring rates for aircraft?

Notes: A rule of thumb is that General Aviation aircraft are more expensive to rent than Recreational aircraft.

Cessna 152 Flying

Adam K – Last time I was in Sydney Adam Y showed me the Cessna 152 he has been renting lately?

Adam Y  – Currently on lease from Melbourne for a block of hours to enable him to make longer cross country trips with a fellow private pilot.  Adam mentions that when doing long cross country flights its great to have someone else in the cockpit to help out.  Mentioned that he took Victor one south and ended up tracking to Goulburn – Jindabyne (this flight was the farthest he has been from Bankstown without an instructor) and up to 9,500ft.  Adam mentioned that the climb rate was poor at this height (around 100 feet per minute), had reached the practical limit of the aircrafts performance.  The funny thing about this flight was that when they were at 9,500 feet his friend decides he need to urgently go to the toilet (there is no airfield they can get to in time) and had to use a Disposable Urine Bag ‘pee bag’ and the bag proceeds to leak with both of them hysterically laughing at the situation.

Note: If you are interested in the long term hire of an aircraft such as the Cessna 152 picture above and mentioned within the podcast please checkout www.cheapaircrafthire.com.

Adam Y – talks about 20 hours being the minimum hours required to obtain your recreational pilot certificate.  He mentions that it can be helpful to experience different conditions during your training.  He mentions that its important to listen to your instructor and pay close attention to the fundamentals.  Adam is close to 100 hours and is aware that he does not know what he does not know about flying.

Future Flying Fun

Adam K – Whats coming up for you in the future?

Adam Y – wants to continue to build hours and challenge himself in different ways.  Wants to add retractable or variation pitch props and hone the craft of flying?

Adam K – What are the requirements for a Commercial Pilots License (CPL).

Adam Y – has a great explanation, please see the CASA website.

Adam K – mentions that Bankstown Airport has a large range of GA aircraft which he wants to fly.


Adam K – Do you have any resources you would like to share which may be helpful?

Adam Y – For RA AUS – Sydney Jabiru Flying School and Fly Illawarra

For PPL – Schofields Flying Club

Microsoft Flight Simulator – treat it as a real flight and not a game.

You Tube – MzeroA and Sporty’s Pilot Shop courses

It depends on your learning style (watching, reading or doing).  Doing is the best way but also the most expensive way.

Adam K – found that any preparation before lessons can improve the lesson outcomes.  

How to contact Adam Yavner:

Recreational Flying Forum – user name ayavner

Blog – Morerightrudder.wordpress.com

Adam is happy to talk to anyone who is considering starting their training or currently in training.

Thanks so much for taking the time to Listen.  I hope you can come back for the next episode!


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